• Deciding on a healthy hair regimen for your hair (or your child’s hair)  is the beginning of an  ultimate healthy hair and growth journey. Healthy hair doesn’t just happen; its a result of proper hair care/maintenance with the right products (without silicones and sulphates) plus Consistent, Patience and Disciple.!
  • Hair thieves with water. It’s important to wash it at least once a week.
  • This Basic Hair Care Regimen will leave your hair super soft, manageable, will increase hair retention (hair growth) giving it an opportunity to do its thing (curl, coil and kink!).

Following the basic Nissi Natural Hair care:-

  1. Pre-pooing (Deep Condition – cuts back on the loss of vital hair oils during shampooing) its  good for preparing dry hair for shampooing. Divide hair into manageable sections, spritz warm water onto a section of hair, apply Nissi Red Palm Oil Deep Conditioner, use your fingers to detangle each section (then use a wide toothed comb to ensure no tangles remain), twist that section, repeat with the other sections. Cover the head with a plastic cap for an hour or more hours. Detangling is the most difficult step in the regimen because it can cause a discomfort though it helps remove tangles from hair. Finger detangling reduces on single-strand knots, enhances hair retention, encourages curl formation and clamping.
  2. Shampooing – Still in sections, pour warm water on your hair to rinse out all the Red Palm Oil Deep Conditioner. Rub the Clay Shampoo bar on the scalp, massage the scalp in circular motion. Suds will rise; use them to cleanse hair in a downward motion until tall hair is covered in suds. Rinse all the shampoo out making sure the hair is clean. Repeat step 2 if necessary otherwise once is adequate.  
  3. Oil rinsing - (Applying oil to hair helps to lock in the moisture) – after rinsing, apply a generous amount of glycerine or oil of your choice onto soaking wet hair using your fingers or a wide toothed comb. Use a plastic hair clip or ouchless bands to hold your hair in place. Wrap a t-shirt about your hairline (to trap excess water and oil dripping.
  4. Conditioning (It’s  important to applying a pH-balanced leave-in hair cream to condition hair and close the cuticles of your hair shaft) - Apply a generous amount of Nissi Sheaflax Hair Cream on wet/damp hair and style as desired.
  5. Trimming – It’s done to get rid of damaged split ends. When you begin to notice hair balls at the hair ends, hear a lot of snapping or popping of hair strands when detangling, then your  hair needs a ½ inch trim using a pair of scissors. In case you do not know how, kindly ask….
  6. Protective Styling – is good because it gives your hair a break from daily manipulation, reducing hair breakage.  Protective styles like cornrows, three-strand braids, two-strand twists are great! As you style your hair into a high puff or ponytail, be mindful of the tension  that style put on your edges/hairline. Avoid using thread or synthetic braid extensions on children below 10 years – their hair is still fragile hence easily breaks!
  7. Daily Moisturizing - adding moisture to your hair in between washes is very important. Hair needs to be moisturized daily (preferably in the morning). Spritz hair with some water and oil mixture or using the Nissi All Purpose Hair Spray.
  8. Night protection – keeps hair moisturized to prevent breakage. Make sure before going to bed, you (wear a satin bonnet, or have a satin pillowcase or a satin head slips.

Bella of EnviiriZaNacho makes very good ones which are available at Nissi shop (Equatoria shopping mall shop #150).


Product Package cost = Ugx 85,000/=

1. Bendera deep treatment         Ugx 30,000/=

2. Clarifying shampoo bar                               Ugx 10,000

3. Glycerine (or Oil of your choice)   Ugx 10,000

4. Sheaflax Hair Cream                           Ugx 30,000         

4. Spray bottle (empty)                         Ugx   5,000

5. All Purpose Hair Spray                       Ugx 10,000