Protective styling can be done for 8-12 weeks depending on the nature of your hair. The process involves unbraiding, washing, deep conditioning and re-braiding every 4 weeks not forgetting the daily moisturizing and weekly hot oils treatments.

With the protective style (bututwa) one cannot use my trusty red palm oil deep conditioner, but with a hot oil treatment using coconut oil infused with herbs, your hair will be left feeling soft and well moisturized.

Benefits of a hot oil treatment:
- Improves the look and feel of hair,
- Prevents breakage, regulates scalp oil production.
- using a herb infused oil gives the hair an extra boost that stimulates growth and strengthens hair strands.
With a protective hair style one can deep condition before or after shampooing it does not matter. I am realizing that the long you keep the product on the hair during deep conditioning the softer ones hair gets.