Nzuri Body Bar

Nzuri Body Bar

Weight: 4 Oz
Price: 15,000
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Wet your wash cloth and the body bar.

Lather your wash cloth with the body bar.

Scrub your body in circular motions.

Rinse off the suds, wipe off excess water and moisturize your skin while still damp.

Keep the body bar in a cool dry place for longevity.

Usage: Daily or as preferred.

Reduces excess oil production and dries out stubborn acne.

All Nissi body bars are made of natural ingredients that cleanses skin (the largest organ) leaving it feeling soft and supple.

The body bars are free of harsh ingredients like silicones or sulphates making them great for skin.  

Olive, Coconut, Palm oils Bentonite clay with anti-acne herbs.