Nissi Sugua Body Scrub

Sugua Body Scrub

Weight: 8 Oz
Price: 20,000
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Summary: Scope a little scrub, apply to your body (as desired) in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes then wash it off.

Scoop a generous amount of Sugua scrub with your hands.

Rub it onto your body in circular motion for as long as one desires.

Rinse it off revealing a smooth and tender skin.

No need to apply moisturizer, the oils remaining on the body will be sufficient though it’s one choice to extra moisture.

*Sugua Sugar Body Scrub should not be used on the tender facial skin.

Use weekly or as preferred.

This body scrub will leave you with a smoother, brighter and well moisturised skin.

Sugar is a natural humectant and draws water to the skin to moisturizer it. Its also exfoliates to reveal soft and supple skin.

Sugar, Olive oil, Coffee and Orange rind