Tamuwa Deep Treatment

Weight: 4 Oz
Price: 20,000
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After spraying your hair with warm water, section your hair, apply a generous amount to a section of your hair and finger detangle it.

Cover your head with a plastic cap for at least an hour to allow the Bendera to do its wonders.

After this, wash hair with conditioning shampoo bar.*.

Then apply a generous amount of vegetable glycerine to dripping wet hair.

Add Nissi Naturals' SheaFlax cream* using clasped hands motion (prayer motion).

Lastly seal in the moisture with Shea Cream.

Style your hair as desired.

Tamuwa only available at the saloon as a deep treatment.

Ghee is a good moisturizer for hair leaving it soft shiny and frizz free.

Also helps prevent hair from splitting.

Ghee, Coconut cream, Honey and natural preservatives.