Nissi Zeewa-Oats Body Bar

Zeewa-Oats Body Bar

Weight: 5 Oz
Price: 15,000
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Wet your wash cloth and the body bar.

Lather the wash cloth.

Scrub your body in circular motions.

Rinse off the suds, wipe off excess water and moisturize your skin while still damp.

Keep the body bar in a cool dry place for longevity.

***All Nissi shampoo bars are silicon and sulfate free, making them the best for kinky; curly; coily hair.

Cleanses dry or normal skin leaving it feeling soft and supple.

Milk contains essential minerals, fatty acids and is parked with Alpha Hydroxy acids. It assists to gently removes dead skin cells leaving you with smooth soft skin.

Oats are a cleansing agent that removes dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling soft. Great for acne, eczema and rashes.

All Nissi body bars are made of natural ingredients that cleanses skin (the largest organ) leaving it feeling soft and supple.

The body bars are free of harsh ingredients like silicones or sulphates making them great for skin.  

Goat milk; Oats flakes; Olive oil, Coconut, Palm oil and Shea Butter, with skin loving herbs.