Nissi Naturals FounderAwo o’lwatuka, there was an African woman with hard kinky, coily and curly hair that she had no clue on how to care for. And through all the hair stylists appointments and different hair care products, she found herself with a greater need to find a hair care product that would best work for her in maintaining her God given natural hard hair aka 'Kaweeke'. With time it became apparent that finding something that caters to her 'kaweeke' would prove hard. Little did she know this would lead her down a path of intense research, observation, self-critism and more critisms on whether or not the idea of producing her own homemade hair products was a good worthwhile venture. it's from this that she resolved to come up with a lasting and more suitable solution to her hair needs. And there the seeds for Nissi Natural Hair and Skin Care were sworn.

Nissi Naturals CEO

Nissi Natural Hair and Skin Care was borne out of that passion of “Embracing Natural Beauty.”

In June, 2013, my brother, business partner and Nissi Natural Hair and Skin Care CEO, was also facing similar challenges with his daughter's hair, so together we shared the challenges and with his support and encouragement Nissi Naturals came into existence.

The rest is History as its said.  The following week, I mixed the first “All Purpose Hair Spray”, then 2 months later the first Conditioning Shampoo bar, then the Leave-in conditioner, up came the Shea Cream for hair and skin.

Today, Nissi Natural Hair and Skin Care is very active in Uganda and the USA providing several handmade natural hair and skin products.

Nissi Natural Hair and Skin Care inspires it’s clientele to “Embrace their natural beauty" and all the Glory goes back to God Almighty for creating Nissi Natural Hair and Skin Care!

Thank You for all your support.

Maria, Founder