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  • Nissi Hair Rejuvinator Kit
  • Nissi Hair Rejuvinator Kit
  • Nissi Hair Rejuvinator Kit
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Nissi Hair Rejuvinating Kit

USh 155,000

Natural kinky, curly, coily hair is made up of protein and moisture though moisture rapidly escapes leaving hair very dry, brittle and unmanageable. There is need to add moisture and protein regularly to regain the super softness and manageability of healthy hair.

Nissi Naturals has a combination of products that will get hair soft and manageable after 6 weeks of consistently following the weekly regiment. After the six weeks of the weekly Bendera deep treatment (protein). We recommend the introduction of moisture deep treatments(Imara and Tikiti Deep Treatments) alternating with protien deep treatments(Bendera Deep Treatment).

Products: Bendera Deep Treatment, Clarifying shampoo bar, Glycerin, Sheaflax cream and Shea Cream.

Accessories: Spray bottle, Plastic cap, Micro fiber towel or an old t-shirt.

Weekly Procedure:

  • Divide hair into sections, secure the sections with elastic hair bands/craw clips and spray it with warm water,
  • Apply Bendera deep treatment while detangling and twisting each hair section and cover with a plastic cap for at least two hours,
  • Wash out the deep treatment with the Clarifying shampoo bar,
  • Apply a palm full of glycerin to dripping wet hair, squeezing it into the hair strands,
  • Put hair back into sections and secure them with hair bands/craw clips,
  • Wrap a micro fiber towel/old t-shirt onto your hair for 5 minutes to trap dripping water,
  • Apply a generous amount of Sheaflax cream to damp hair with your palm together (like praying hands) until every hair strand is covered,
  • Finish off with Shea Cream to seal in the moisture that is greatly needed for softness and manageability.
  • Then style as desired – For children, its best to keep their hair in two or three braids. Restyling as and when needed.

Bi-weekly Procedure:

  • - Divide hair into sections, securing them with elastic hair bands/craw clips.
  • - Shampoo hair with the Conditioning shampoo bar.
  • - Apply warm Hot oil to each sections while detangling then twist each section and cover with a plastic cap for at least one hour.
  • - Rinse out excess oils (optional - you can leave all the oils in),
  • - Apply some Sheaflax cream to damp hair then lock in all that moisture with Shea Cream.
  • - Style as desired.

Daily Procedure:

  • Moisturise hair daily with the All Purpose hair spray and a little Sheaflax cream whenever hair feels dry.
  • Always sleep with a satin bonnet or on a satin pillow case.
  • Always divide hair into two or more sections put it into twists, bututwa, or with elastic bands before bedtime because kinky, curly coily hair is clingy and will tangle while you sleep.

The combination of the weekly Bendera deep treatment (protein) and bi-weeky Hot oil treatment (moisture) tried and tested will leave your hair velventy and manageable which is the dream of every person with kinky, curly, coily hair

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